home automation

In an era where homes and business premises are becoming more and more connected, how can you be sure to choose the right provider for your home automation system ? Don’t panic, here is a summary of the main rules that should guide your choice.

Is he qualified ?

The two indicators on the qualification of your home automation provider are its certifications and its membership of associations recognized on a regional and / or global level (FFD, en ocean alliance, etc.). These two assets assure you the expertise of the professional and his ability to deliver quality service.

home automation

Is he experienced ?

The service provider’s experience in projects similar to yours guarantees his ability to carry out your own project. So remember to consult these references. You can even ask to visit current sites, or have customer testimonials. In the same spirit, it is very important to choose a home service provider which is based on widely used and globally recognized technologies (KNX standard for example). Thus you will not be dependent on a single provider, in the event that the latter decides to stop its activities.

Does it offer good value for money ?

If your service provider is offering their services at a price that seems too good to be true, this could indicate a reduction in costs elsewhere, either in the components installed or in the quality of the installation itself. It can also create doubts about its business model. A home automation system is designed to be used in the long term and it is essential not to seek to make false savings.

Before starting your home automation project, take the time to check if the service provider is likely to carry out your project, by referring to the rules above. Learn about their projects and see if clients have provided testimonials. For an installation that will accompany you on a daily basis for many years, it is a necessity.