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The location of the switchboard in the room is outlined, each switch and socket, chandelier and lamp, necessary sensors are indicated. Also, wiring branching diagrams are designed in the drawing. After that, the drawing must be approved documentarily, and corrections must be made by the electrician in case of failure.

Then the installers or the electrician begin to perform calculations: they compare how much material is needed and the current price on the market. The project is estimated. At the end of all calculations, planning, and execution, the grounding contours are determined and the work itself begins.

If grooves are required, they are made. Work is carried out with wires, places are created for switches and lamps, meters are installed. In the end, you can connect electrical appliances to the mains, install temporary lighting necessary for subsequent actions. For temporary huts, a conventional incandescent lamp is most often installed on an insulated wire. They also make temporary sockets, which will be replaced later. Completion is the launch of the electrical system, a check for serviceability.

The second stage of work the electrician begins when the finishing of the premises is completed. At this point, the walls and ceiling must be prepared: due to the installed electrical appliances, further finishing work will be difficult. They put on the final electrical equipment, various light sources. Everything is additionally checked for serviceability, the stage is considered completed if all tests are successful

Then the electrician begins to perform calculations: they compare how much material is needed and the current price on the market. The project is estimated. At the end of all calculations, planning, and execution, the grounding contours are determined and the work itself begins.

Types of work performed by electricians

It is not often that it comes out to make repairs without the intervention of specialists such as electricians. Electrician work covers many different services.

Working with wiring

There are two types of wiring, hidden and open. Open installation involves fixing near a pre-prepared wall. In order to protect the wiring from damage, they are covered with plinths, special cables, channels. Externally, the room is changing for the better. This type of gasket allows, if necessary, simply to prevent the resulting malfunctions. 

With the hidden installation of electrical wiring in the wall, it is necessary to punch through the grooves – these are special recesses in which the wires are placed, and then walled up. When the decoration of the room is completed, the wiring is hidden in the wall and becomes completely invisible: except for the places where it comes out of the wall or ceiling, where it is connected to a chandelier or other electrical appliance. If a repair or complete replacement of wires is required, then it will not be possible to do without opening the wall,

Work on installing an electric meter

This service is essential for all new apartments. Electric meters allow you to control consumption and significantly reduce costs, especially when paying utility bills. If the owners have a desire, then you can order the installation of meters dividing tariffs, which separately calculate the electricity consumption for the day and night. This allows even better savings: prices for the night rate can be very different from the daily rate.

Electrician’s Installation of video and audio intercoms

In addition to intercoms, a specialist can offer the installation of communication systems, surveillance, automated gates, and others that provide security. Most often, this type of service is needed by people from the private sector to independently organize the protection of their homes.

Electrician on their Electrical equipment

Services related to the installation of electrical equipment, its replacement and relocation. This is necessary for almost every owner moving to a new apartment. Earlier, apartments relied on a small number of electrical appliances. Today, sockets are more thoughtfully placed and rely on a large number of electrical equipment, and switches complement the comfortable living conditions.


Help with connecting and installing electrical appliances. There is a technique that is easy to turn on with a regular outlet, such as a blender. There are others that need a tricky pre-connection. Most often this applies to power devices, such as stoves, powered by electricity. As a rule, the correct connection requires unusual sockets, the voltage of which is 380 V.

Electrician’s Installation of artificial lighting

These include: placing lamps on the walls, lanterns in the garden, highlighting various objects, and so on. These works are often done in stages. First, an active repair is carried out: they begin to pull the wires, wiring is laid, to the places where the lamps will be located. This is followed by the final finishing of the room and the installation of the lamps themselves.

Warm floor

Installation of electrically heated floors. In order for the floor to please with its warmth and serve for a long time, it is necessary to take care of a high-quality installation, which is better to entrust to professionals in their field.

Telephone and TV

Today it is impossible to imagine an apartment without a TV cable, a telephone cable, and so on. Electrical installers also work with cable networks.

Smart House

Working with Smart Home technology and others. These technologies are gaining popularity every day, although the cost is still high. With their help, it is easy to control the microclimate in the home: air humidity, temperature. It will be useful to automatically turn on the heating, lighting, and air conditioning. Stable and high-quality work of the “Smart Home” requires the well-functioning work of a huge number of devices, and this, in turn, presupposes correct installation and repair.

Panel connection

Work with a switchboard, transformers, and substations, control cabinet. Here the actions are aimed at facilitating the management of many systems in the home: from controlling the water supply to manipulating the electrical network. Assembling and working with a switchboard is considered a very dangerous business. For reliability and safety, it is trusted only by qualified specialists and professionals in their field.