engagement rings

The engagement rings constitutes a promise of commitment that the man offers to the chosen one of his heart during his marriage proposal or during the engagement. It is a special jewel, carrying values, which is often worn on the ring finger. Indeed, the wearing of the engagement ring on this finger is attested for a long time, in the days of our ancestors, for good reasons.

Why Wear The Engagement Rings On The Ring Finger?

In several cultures, notably in France and the United States, the engagement rings, like the wedding ring, is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. According to ancient beliefs, this finger is indeed the only one to have a vein directly connected to the heart. And as we all know, the heart is the origin of all feeling, especially love.

The left ring finger is therefore considered by our ancestors as the finger of love. Irrefutable reason why we wear the engagement ring and the wedding ring on this finger.However, for some countries like Germany, tradition has it that the engagement rings is worn on the left ring finger and the wedding ring on the right ring finger.

How To Choose The Engagement Rings?

If for the wearing of the engagement ring, tradition prevails, for its choice, you are completely free. Indeed, you will mainly choose your engagement ring according to your personal tastes. Ring in white, yellow or pink gold, or quite simply in silver, choose above all a piece of jewelry that would match your personality or that of your beloved. If the wedding ring consists of a ring devoid of details and precious stones, the engagement ring must be set with diamonds or colored stones. Just as difficult as choosing her wedding dress , this choice is her for a lifetime!

Design :

Of a particular and original design or quite simply the traditional solitaire ring, you are completely embarrassed. With modern engagement ring designs becoming more and more popular, the classic solitaire ring Baunat you are endowed with a strong value to express all your love. Indeed, it is important to know that the solitaire ring, in ancient belief, is considered a ring symbolizing a promise of commitment. 

engagement rings

According to Roman tradition, the man is required to offer a solitary ring to the woman he would like to marry. Thus, while maintaining a whole culture, many future bride and groom still prefer to opt for this model. In any case, the most important thing is to give the engagement ring to your sweetheart, with all your heart and love. And this, whatever your choice.

The Material And The Serte :

In addition to the design, you will also have to choose the material and the setting of your engagement wedding ring . White, yellow or pink gold, set with diamond or colored stone, it is above all essential to understand your fiancée’s tastes. White gold being very appreciated by the French, it matches the undisputed refinement of diamonds. Yellow gold, on the other hand, goes well with diamonds and colored stones. Rose gold, more and more trendy, prefers colored stones, hot or cold.