motorbike spares

Who motorbike spares doesn’t like buggies? These vehicles are perfect for enjoying the country side, the beach, the forest, etc. In any part of nature, in short. Thanks to its peculiarities, we can drive a buggy on practically any terrain, no matter how complicated it may be.

Yes, at Racing we have buggies too, in addition to the mini bikes, pit bikes and quads that have made us famous in the sector. And in this article we want to give the importance of these vehicles. The buggies were originally designed to walk on the sand and its origin is rather curious.

The Bruce made motorbike spares surfboards and small pleasure boats in the . One fine day he came up with the idea of ​​designing a vehicle with the look of a wave and a lightweight body. To do this, he relied on the Volkswagen and called it the Manx. It was and the first Buggy had been born.

The idea didn’t take long to work and that first vehicle gave rise to numerous buggies . More than 300 companies around the world began to copy Bruce cars in one way or another. Imitations, copies, even created a ” buggy assembly kit ” so that people could build it on their own.

The Buggy phenomenon was already unstoppable. From then until now the buggy market has grown and evolved. As a sample, some of the models we have at Racing : gasoline, electric and two-seater.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Motorbike Spares Buggies

Within the vehicle catalog of we are fortunate to have several types of buggies :

motorcycle 80cc mini buggy

With Li fan 4-stroke engine, pull starter and 6 wheels. The classic model, ideal to enjoy our hobby to the fullest.

motorcycle electric mini buggy

With 1000W 48V 12Ah motor, reverse gear, load indicator and 3-position speed limiter.

Two-seater motorcycle buggy

The jewel in the crown, with a motorbike spares 160cc 4-stroke engine, wheels and a reinforced chassis. The most sought after model of buggies, the two-seater.

With a power and tires that allow you to circulate on all possible terrain. It allows you to go with a co-pilot so that the fun is double and shared.

So now you know, whether you are passionate about the world of buggies , or if you have been bitten by this article, do not hesitate, Roan Racing is your brand. Discover them and let yourself be surprised by the benefits and the unparalleled price that we offer you.