The motorcycle is a very convenient and fast mode of transport. Every day in noisy metropolitan areas, more and more people prefer motorcycles. Both extreme sportsmen and ordinary people who value comfort and speed of movement are happy to change onto bikes. Nobody wants to get stuck in traffic jams, so a motorcycle is the choice of an active and modern person.

But excellent handling and compact dimensions of the bike are achieved as a result of the use of a minimum number of additional elements. The only drawback is the inability to carry some kind of baggage. Manufacturers have taken care of those who like to move around on motorcycles and have created side trunks for a motorcycle, which are presented in various versions and can be of different sizes.

As a rule, most people who travel on a motorcycle remember the need to purchase a wardrobe trunk at the moment when it is necessary to transport some kind of cargo, and the wardrobe trunk is standing and waiting on the store shelf. To prevent this from happening, it is better to take care of the selection and purchase of such an accessory for your iron horse in advance. If necessary, you can always put on or take off the case.

Side trunks for your motorcycle – comfortable and roomy

Products such as motorcycle side bags are one of the most commonly purchased types of roof racks, as well as motorcycle bags for various motorbikes. They are especially popular with those drivers who need to transport things on a regular basis. If desired, the wardrobe trunk can be either put on or removed and put on the balcony, in the garage. It is really very convenient.

How to choose side trunks? Here you need to focus on the following features:

  • functional parameters of the model;
  • your aesthetic preferences;
  • useful volume.

The mounting method is quite simple and versatile. Side trunks for a motorcycle can be installed on literally any modification of equipment, while you do not need to have any special skills: fixing this element is not at all difficult. Before you buy side trunks for a motorcycle, you need to familiarize yourself with their assortment on the market. It should be noted that few companies offer their customers really high-quality products. Here are the most popular companies that have established themselves as professionals:

  • side trunks givi;
  • SW-Motech products;
  • side plastic cases Hepco & Becker and Kappa.

These manufacturers have time-tested quality products.


It should be noted right away that such products have many advantages, which cannot be ignored. Let’s consider the main ones:

  • Multifunctional wardrobe trunks made of plastic are able to withstand significant weight, while they do not stretch at all.
  • They retain an attractive appearance even with active and long-term use.
  • Side trunks are highly resistant to possible deformation. Even with strong pressure or impact, the case will not change shape.
  • Even when riding a motorcycle, you get the opportunity to carry some things with you, it is really very convenient.
  • Side cases, made of high-quality plastic, do not need any special care, you will not spend a lot of time on it.
  • Plastic trunks allow you to achieve additional safety on the road, as they have reflectors and turn signals.

An indisputable advantage is that these elements merge with the motorcycle into a single whole since motor-wardrobe trunks shift the center of gravity downward, this allows for easier control of the vehicle. This is especially true if you have to drive in bad weather, in icy conditions.


Side trunks for a motorcycle can be bought at a bargain price. This is a very handy accessory that significantly increases ride comfort. Side saddlebags are usually sold in pairs, attached to the right and left side of the motorcycle behind the driver. Outwardly, these products resemble cowboy bags. This accessory takes up a minimum of space, does not cause discomfort, and practically does not affect the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle and its dimensions. At the same time, you will always have the necessary things at hand. The volume of these trunks can be up to 60 liters.

Manufacturers offer various types of wardrobe trunks, but the side models are the most in-demand. They will be incredibly convenient when you need to transport various items, especially when traveling or if the motorcycle is used to deliver small goods. These two medium-sized boxes, which are symmetrically attached to the sides of the rear wheel, are often very helpful.

When choosing a case, pay attention to the fact that the model should be protected by heat-resistant panels – this is ideal. Overheating of the exhaust pipe and exhaust fumes can damage an unprotected case. Lateral wardrobe trunks, which will not be difficult to buy, are fastened with a rigid mount. This mounting option allows you to hold the load symmetrically.


Have you decided that you need to purchase this accessory, but cannot decide on a wide variety of models? It is necessary to study their main features in order to make a rational choice:

  1. First you need to determine the possibility of attaching the case to your motorcycle.
  2. The size of the product is selected from the dimensions of the vehicle.
  3. Since the side models have the ability to adjust in height from the bottom edge of the seat to the muffler, it is also adjustable in width, from the passenger footrest to the turn signal, you can find the most convenient fixation point.
  4. Pay attention to the weight and height of the product to be selected: it is better if the parameters are optimal for carrying. Do not take too heavy or voluminous models from the store, as in the future you will still be worn out with them. These parameters can also affect the speed of your vehicle.
  5. The material must be not only durable, but also moisture resistant, be sure to pay attention to these parameters.
  6. Rectangular models will have the maximum volume.

Having familiarized yourself with these parameters of the products, you can choose the most optimal and convenient variant of the wardrobe trunk for yourself. Motorcycle trunks are an almost indispensable attribute for any motorcyclist. Do not neglect wardrobe trunks, even if you usually move around the city, because you can simply put a bag or water in them, or maybe the necessary tools. It is really very convenient.

When choosing a suitcase model that suits you, consider not only the required volume and method of attachment but also the design of the vehicle. Ideally, if they are in harmony with each other. Depending on the manufacturing method, these elements can be divided into those that are manufactured in the factory and manually. 

The cost of the product will be determined depending on the manufacturing method, materials used, reliability, and design. The cost of such products should be considered separately. For some, they are expensive, but for others, their price is a mere trifle. In any case, it should be said that when choosing the right model, it is better not to waste time on trifles and buy products from a trusted manufacturer – this will be the key to long-term and reliable operation.