Most people don’t move very often. That is, many who have to move will for the first time solve for themselves the task of collecting, preparing, transporting things. And some have experienced, but not entirely successful – packing things in a hurry, at night, irresponsible movers, lost boxes or broken things … How to prevent the repetition of mistakes? How to prepare for the move “excellently”? For everyone who will change location in the future, we have prepared TOP mistakes and described how to avoid them.

Errors during the preparation phase

As you know, the preparatory stage is perhaps the most important one. The success of the movers largely depends on how responsibly you approach him. What are the “subtle points” can expect you?

Fees at the last moment

Perhaps this is the most common problem. Movers are rarely able to accurately estimate the volume of things, and, accordingly, calculate the time for packing them. Perhaps you think that you can handle it in a couple of evenings? Try packing things from the mezzanine or from a small closet for the experiment. You will see how much time it can take! Therefore, we always insist – please start preparation at least 2 weeks before the expected date.

Refusal to disassemble furniture

Of course, not all furniture needs to be dismantled. But heavy, large items are easier, faster, and safer to carry when disassembled. If your plans are to load things into the car yourself, do not risk your health! Disassemble the furniture at least into its component parts! And even if you intend to entrust this task to loaders, preliminary disassembly will allow you to quickly remove the furniture from the apartment, put it more compactly in the car body, and reduce the risk of damage during transportation.

Savings on packaging

We often stack with this! Ideas for saving a lot – ask for used boxes of dubious quality in the nearest store, buy the most budgetary packaging materials in a building hypermarket, or wrap fragile items in the stretch film instead of an air-bubble wrap. All this is a direct path to property damage, chips, scratches, and, as a result, spoiled mood and losses. Remember that high-quality reliable packaging is the main guarantee of the safety of your belongings! You can save money on other parts of the move, but the cost of packaging will definitely be lower than the budget for restoring damaged items.

Lack of marking

Many people neglect the labeling altogether or put short marks like “kitchen” or “clothes” on the boxes. But this is not enough! Just imagine – after moving into your house there will be several dozen identical boxes and faceless bundles. Finding the right thing will turn into a test or a lottery. Sign the boxes in detail during packing (or make sure that the helpers follow this rule), and in a new home, you will reduce the time for unpacking at times!

Complete refusal of preparation

Occurs when moving people decide to use the “turnkey move” service. The moving company really takes on the maximum of worries. However, there are some important details to keep in mind. For example, prepare the essentials so that the movers themselves and the first hours after it are comfortable for you. It may be worth sorting things out and getting rid of all unnecessary things in advance, so as not to carry unnecessary things to a new home. And be sure to pack all your valuables yourself – documents, jewelry, money, etc. These are the minimum steps to prepare for the move, which are still worth doing yourself.

Errors related to the organization of work

If the upcoming movers are even a little larger than the transport of a couple of boxes, then you will almost certainly need helpers and a truck. Their choice should be approached responsibly. What are the most common mistakes that lie in wait for you at this stage?

Collaboration with unreliable movers

Now the internet is full of ads and offers. If budget is one of your priorities, then the temptation to choose the cheapest movers is great. However, you trust these people with all your belongings. They must be neat and reliable and have the appropriate experience – for example, in assembling furniture or packing things. And even if you do not plan to trust the assistants with anything other than loading and unloading the car, in no case agree to cooperate without concluding a contract. Check-in in advance that the document contains the necessary points regarding the financial responsibility of the contractor for the safety of your property, as well as tariffs for all types of work.

Using a car or curtainsider

The first option – transportation by car – is suitable only if you plan to transport a very small amount of property. Let’s say a few boxes of things and no large items.
e strongly discourage the use of unreliable awning trucks. For the transportation of furniture and equipment, only specialized furniture vans equipped with a system of lashing belts in the body are suitable. They will provide reliable and safe transportation of your belongings.

The car is not the right size

And the last common mistake is a mistake with the size of the car. After all, if it turns out to be too small, all things will not fit into it, you will have to perform several “trips”, which will negatively affect the duration and cost of the work. And an unjustifiably bulky car not only costs more, but it is also not so convenient to park it.

At the same time, it is extremely difficult for you to determine the required body volume, and not all transport companies are ready to help with competent advice. The simplest thing is to contact a moving company for help. The manager will ask you about the task and calculate which car is suitable for your case. Remember that consultation with a reliable company is always free.

Mistakes on moving day

If you have prepared correctly, then all that remains is to relax and watch the work of the movers. But even here you can “stumble”.

Excessive control over the work of specialists

If you have made a well-thought-out choice of a moving company, then you should not interfere with the work of a team of specialists. They have sufficient experience, competently plan all stages of work, and complete them as quickly as possible. The best behavior strategy is to voice all your wishes to the manager in advance and, if necessary, to say them again on the day of the movers to the responsible employee. And then let the professionals do their job. What then to do during the move if you do not need to control every step of the movers? What about coffee and croissants, urgent work, or a phone call to friends?

Absence at the move

This is the other side of the coin – some are so imbued with confidence in the movers that they leave the move completely unattended. The specialists will handle all the work themselves, right. However, the presence – yours or the person in charge – is still necessary. After all, you will need to sign documents, answer questions from employees, solve any technical situations (for example, entering the territory of a business center or residential complex, if a barrier or access control is provided). And also accept the work on the movers when it is completed.

Children or pets

We understand that it happens that there is no one to entrust the supervision of babies or pets. And then their participation in the movers is inevitable. Still, for children and animals, moving is a big stress. Better to shield them from the worries of this long day. This way you yourself will feel calmer and more confident.

Here are the main points that we propose to pay attention to first. If you still have any questions or doubts – how to properly organize any aspect of the movers – just call or write to us. The consultation is free, but it will definitely be useful. We are happy to share our experience with everyone who is expecting a move!