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Your roof is what protects your home from wind, rain, snow, and heat. It keeps your home warm and safe. So if you want your roof to defend against the elements, it’s important to make sure your roof is maintained properly.

A roof restoration goes beyond just repairing a roof. Rather than repairing a tiny section of the roof, a roof restoration looks at the roof as a whole and upgrades it all. It’s a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to roof replacement.

And the metal roof restoration is a very beneficial process for your company, both for image reasons and for health and energy-saving reasons. Find out what metal roof restoration is and what benefits it offers you.

What is metal roof restoration?

When a ceiling is very deteriorated and has lost its properties of luminosity, aesthetics, and hygiene, cleaning, no matter how deep it may be, is not enough to get the ceiling of your company to be like new again, and therefore it is required a specific treatment to recover it. 

During the restoration of a metal ceiling, suitable resins for this type of ceiling are micro-sprayed, which aesthetically match the false ceiling and remove all the grease, carbon monoxide, nicotine, bacteria, and fungi that may have adhered to the ceiling. The result is spectacular and the customer is as if he were re-releasing his roof but for a much lower price than that of replacing all the metal plates.

A company may need the restoration of a metal roof whether for years it has not carried out professional cleaning of the roof or if the cleaning has been carried out but improperly since to preserve the characteristics of the metal roof it is necessary to use products that preserve the properties and original appearance of the metal and thoroughly disinfect the ceiling.

The metal roof restoration process

For the restoration of a metal ceiling, the team of professionals begins by preparing the room: tables, computer equipment, cabinets, etc. are protected. The ceiling accessories (air intakes, smoke detectors, lights, etc.) are then cleaned and covered, to begin with, the micro-spraying of resins.

After restoration, the protectors are removed. The restoration of this type of roof does not require work, so it can be done in record time. In addition, the process does not interfere with the normal development of your company, we adjust to your schedule. Once our professionals complete the restoration, your employees can return to work immediately, without the need for cleaning on your part.

They use cutting-edge bioecological products in their restorations that are not aggressive either with the environment or with the assets of your company, so it does not need an extra period of time to “air” the area.

Restoration benefits

The metal roof restoration allows considerable energy savings by increasing the reflection of the roof. This translates into much more intense lighting in your business, reducing the need for electrical use, achieving more than considerable savings percentages.

On the other hand, metal roof restoration also offers great aesthetic benefits to your business. A dull ceiling that even acquires an old-fashioned hue that deteriorates the image of your company by generating a feeling of neglect that a business today cannot afford.

In addition, it also provides benefits for the health of its workers, as it eliminates dust, nicotine, and all kinds of microorganisms that can harm the health of its workers and clients by promoting allergies and the rapid spread of viruses.

When it comes to making our roofs look clean and give a good image of our company, we find several options for cleaning roofs. But we have to be careful; What may seem like a good option at first, soon turns into a nightmare or may even break the law, as is the case with painting false ceilings.

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