Why do we travel? The answer is simple: because it’s fun. And during the trip, you can see relatives or attend a conference or exhibition related to your business or work.

But most importantly – travel significantly improves your life and it is already scientifically proven.

Here are 4 key points to keep in mind:

#1 The journey makes you younger

David Eagleman, a professor of medical sciences, conducted a study of the perception of time at Houston College. He conducted a series of experiments on how a person feels about time in different moments of his life.

He got an interesting result: adults and children experience time differently. Adults feel it very “briefly”. This means, for example, that weeks in the office fly by unnoticed, like one day. For a child, every day is very long and busy.

In order not to suffer from the question “and life passes” you need to break out of the cycle of domestic problems and change the situation. The best option is to go on vacation. Two weeks of travel seem like a bright event in life. Noticed? Every day is so interesting that we perceive it with admiration, as in childhood.

Travel is a fountain of youth and a charge of energy! Even if you only have a week, be sure to plan a trip and relax!

#2 Traveling makes you smarter

The idea that travel broadens your horizons and helps you think more broadly is still true today. A recent psychological study at the University of Indiana showed that a person, getting into a different environment, increases their creative potential. There is such a thing as “psychological distance” or “travel chair”. The main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis concept – travel or even travel planning, in which we present ourselves in a distant foreign country, already starts the creative process and activates the unused areas of the brain.

William Maddox, an American social psychologist, studies people who often travel or live abroad. According to his research, people who live or travel far from home are more creatively developed. They are active and seek new knowledge and discoveries.

#3 Traveling makes you more productive

It is believed that Americans are very productive. They have developed a “work ethic” and therefore they do not take much rest. Does a lack of vacation really boost productivity? No, and that’s why.

According to research by Businessweek, in terms of production, France is keeping pace with the United States, although the French have much less working time. For example, France has 60% more days off than the United States (40 days off compared to 25 days in the United States). And the level of GDP is 98% per hour worked.

While the United States is considered the most competitive country, Switzerland is not inferior in quality of production. Although Swiss workers have 1 week more vacation per year than Americans.

Why are successful people productive?

Stefan Sagmeister – a famous American artist-designer has his own secret. Every seven years, he closes his New York studio for a year of creative leave. In this way, he renews his creative worldview and finds new ideas for work. Stefan believes that the importance of vacation is underestimated. To confirm his words, we see interesting projects that are implemented after regular creative breaks. Famous works of Stefan Sagmeister: CD design for Rolling Stones, David Byrne, Lou Reed, Aerosmith, and other popular artists. Sagmeister’s work has been nominated for four Grammy Awards and many international awards.

#4 Traveling makes you sexier

After the trip, you return not only with a stunning tan but also with amazing stories. According to a recent survey conducted, the best topic for a first date was a hobby, the second most popular – travel. And if you also skillfully combine these two topics, you will become an interesting interlocutor with whom you will want to meet again.

When you return from a trip, you feel refreshed, fresh, young, and you have a lot of amazing adventures and stunning photos in your pocket!